In this day, by next year…

There is a catalan expression to state indifference towards a fact or when little importance is given “in this day, by next year”.

But, in this case, we are just in the opposite situation. The Public Innovation Network is celebrating its first year today, proud of being where it is right now, but also strongly aspiring to grow and become what it was made for: a referent in public administration renewal.

Let us recall how it all began… as we said, just a year ago, at a place in Barcelona a group of professionals from the public environment had a meeting, and there was a common will, still present, renew the Public Administration and strengthening it as a guarantor of the Welfare State.

Our main objective was, and still is, to bring our knowledge to innovate in such public services that the Administration offers to the society.

In fact, we make clear in our Manifest, that the best moment to make such innovation is just now, in the midst of the economy and values crisis, when renewing the public sector is most needed, to ease citizen’s life. At the end of the day, that’s the deal.
We are many of those linked –in several ways- to the public sector, many who believe that the Administration has to break with an asymmetric historical relation with the citizen. Not in vain, we feel it’s time to put the citizen at the center of the Administration’s policies and actions.

We are restless people, persons providing their ideas, their knowledge to work in a collaborative manner to make a better public administration in the broadest meaning of the word. We firmly believe we had to make one step forward.

This year we defined a set of main objectives:

  • Change the way of working at the Public Administration and foster citizen’ participation.
  • Ease citizen’s life.
  • Become internal (within the Administration) opinion leaders, but also externally. We believe that society is not well aware about public sector.

Such goals are not despicable… truth is, we are quite ambitious!

During this time we have shared knowledge, we’ve worked to set a solid foundation for the XIP, we’ve created a Manifest, we’ve generated debate, monitored the network, translated a book, but above all, we’ve known each other and enjoyed a lot!!

In order to produce results effective, we organized in different thematic groups, listed below:

  • .CAT: group focused in linguistic uses in Administration’s digital environments.
  • .COM: group focused in the relationship between citizenship and Administration, in order to improve it and obtain better public services.
  • EDU: group focused in knowledge management, public servants training, fostering learning communities, etc.
  • .GOV: group focused in electronic administration (eGov), open administration (oGov), opening public data (OpenData), intellectual property management, intelligent city management (SmartCity), etc.
  • .NET: group focused in strategies to broadcast IT, and also the culture and platforms to work in a collaborative manner within the Administration, etc.
  • .ORG: group focused in new organizational models, digital literacy, transversal work schemas (internal and/or external to the Administration), etc.

During this period we’ve also incorporated persons from all around Catalunya. Anyone can become a member of the XIP. It only has to be tied to the public sector and accept its letter of commitment.

Let us also highlight in XIP’s brief history, the public presentation at the Escola d’Administració Pública de Catalunya, last Tuesday june 14th, taking advantage of the announcement of the catalan version of the book INprenedors.

So, the XIP is just one year old, and by this month of October most of the groups are close to 100% of operativeness, therefore soon the XIP should start producing knowledge towards the society.

Everything is possible and all is still to be done… Would you come with us?


Header Photo: one is the loneliest number, in the Flickr gallery of horizontal.integration. | Pictures of post: XIP property under CC license.

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